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Our Values

Dove Schools has developed a student success profile based on core values that are essential for the growth and success of our students in school and after graduation.  The faculty and staff at Dove Schools diligently work to mold responsive, productive, and civic-minded individuals. Dove Schools model Disciplined, Organized, Vigorous, Education (DOVE) using our core values as our educational foundation and “North Star”.  Our core values are as follows:


I am College and Career- Bound: I am focused on a future filled with opportunities in college and career, and I build the habits of work and mind to get there.


I am a Critical Thinker: I am open-minded, use knowledge and evidence, challenge assumptions, make connections, and embrace tough problems in STEM subjects and beyond.


I am Resilient and Resourceful: I see setbacks as learning opportunities, adjust to changes flexibly, and seek support from friends, family, and the school community to reach my goals. 


I am Committed to Community: I am a kind, responsible, and productive member of my community who chooses to help it become a place where all people can realize their academic and personal potential.


I am Self-Reliant and Determined: I set goals, make a plan to achieve them, and take ownership of my own progress.